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Love Is Colder Than Death

Love is Colder Than Death, commonly abbreviated LiTCD? or LITCD, is an early German heavenly voices / neo-classical / neo-medieval band that was one of the corner stones to Hyperium Record's Heavenly Voices compliation series of the early 1990s. The bands music is characterized by its extensive use of both romantic and classical styled male and female vocals. Founded by Ralf Donis, Maik Hartung, Sven Mertens, and Susann Heinrich in 1990, the band members and music have changed slightly. The first few LITCD albums were released on the Hyperium record label in Europe and on the new Metropolis Records label in the United States.

The band's album Teignmouth was the first Metropolis Records release, and remains one of LITCD's more popular albums. Following the departure of Donis, the more experimental songs that characterized some of the early LITCD work gave way to a much more classical sound. Eclipse, the latest LITCD album with new content, reached number on Mexican New Age Sales Charts.1<...

years active 1990-Present
country Germany
music genre Ethereal Wave
current members Ralf Jehnert
Maik Hartung
Sven Mertens
Susann Heinrich/Porter
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia

Love Is Colder Than Death

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