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"Love" was an American rock group of the late 1960s and early 1970s. They were led by singer, songwriter and guitarist Arthur Lee and the group's second songwriter, guitarist Bryan MacLean. One of the first racially diverse American pop bands, their music reflected a remarkable array of influences, combining elements of rock and roll, garage rock, folk, showtunes and psychedelia. The band's critical reputation far exceeds the limited success they experienced: their 1967 album ''Forever Changes'' is consistently cited by critics as one of the outstanding albums in the history of rock music.

Lee, who'd lived in Los Angeles since the age of five, had been recording since 1963 with his bands the LAGs and Lee's American Four. He'd also produced a single, "My Diary", for Rosa Lee Brooks in 1964 which included Jimi Hendrix on guitar. A garage-outfit, The Sons Of Adam, which included future Love drummer Michael Stuart, also recorded a Lee composition, "Feathered Fish". However, after viewing a Byrds performance, Lee determined to join the newly-minted folk-rock sound of the Byrds to his primarily R'n'B style. Soon after, he formed The Grass Roots with guitarist John Echols (anothe...

Background group or band
Origin Los Angeles, California
Genre Rock and Roll
Psychedelic Rock
Years active 1966 - 1973, sporadically thereafter
Current members Arthur Lee (musician)
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source: Wikipedia