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The Loved Ones

::''For the American punk band, see The Loved Ones (American band)

"The Loved Ones" as a band name refers to both an Australian rock group from the 1960s and a punk rock group currently playing.

"The Loved Ones" were an Australian rock group of the 1960s, formed in Melbourne in 1965. In the wake of the British Invasion. Gerry Humphreys, Ian Clyne and Kim Lynch defected from the youthful "Trad Jazz" band Red Onions Jazz Band (Humphreys and Lynch had played clarinet and tuba respectively) and recruited drummer Gavin Anderson and ex-Wild Cherries guitarist Rob Lovett. They were renowned as an exciting, if erratic, live act in a Stones/Animals mould, and quickly rose to prominence in the local club scene. They signed to the In label, a subsidiary of W&G records, and had Australian hit singles with "The Loved One" (an Australian hit again in 1981 when covered by INXS), "Ever Loving Man", "Sad Dark Eyes", and a reworking of Fats Domino's "Blueberry Hill". Each of these captured an emotional intensity and musical inventiveness which marked them out from their peers.

After some personal crises, pianist and musical director Ian Clyne left the group and moved to Sydney. He wa...

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