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Low Millions

The Low Millions are a pop-rock band from California. They launched their debut album, Ex-Girlfriends in 2004, under the recording label Manhattan Records. Many of the songs on Ex-Girlfriends have lyrics which revolve around love and romance.

The hit single, Eleanor from their debut album has received widespread airplay on radio.


  • Ex-Girlfriends (2004) â debut album


  • Adam Cohen (singer/guitarist) â son of songwriter Leonard Cohen
  • Michael Chavez (singer/guitarist)
  • Jorgen Carlsson (singer/bass)
  • Eric Eldenius (drums)

The meaning of the name "Low Millions", quoted from Adam Cohen in an interview:

Reference: "The Low Millions Pay Tribute To All The Girls They've Loved Before", retrieved from ChartAttack?.com 1

* years active 2004 – Present origin California, USA music genre Pop rock current members Adam Cohen,
Michael Chaves,
Jorgen Carlsson,
Eric Eldenius
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia

Low Millions

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