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Lower Class Brats

The Lower Class Brats is a punk rock band started in Austin, Texas in January 1995. "The war started in 1995 in Austin, Texas when the Brats set out to destroy all emo, college, and garage bands that had somehow taken over their city." They describe their sound as a combination of high energy rock and roll and street noise. Many of their songs are A Clockwork Orange-themed, and make use of Nadsat jargon. They have released a number of recordings including eight 7" singles, two 12" singles, and four full-length albums. The labels the Brats have been on include Punkcore Records, Dirty Punk Records, Combat Rock, GMM, Helen of Oi!, and TKO.

*Bones: Vocals *Marty: Guitar *EVO: Bass *Clay: Drums

*Rather Be Hated Than Ignored *Plot Sickens *A Class of Our Own *Clockwork Singles Collection : Real Punk Is An Endangered Species

*Lower Class Brats Official Website *Lower Class B...

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