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"Lowgold", an English alternative rock band, whose name derives from a Nordic word briefly translated as "of hidden worth", is comprised of vocalist Darren Ford, guitarist Dan Symons and bassist Miles Willey. Formed in 1998 in St. Albans, England, they signed with Nude Records, a financially-strapped recording company. They released the now highly revered ''Just Backward of Square'' in 2001 to mixed reactions from the British music press. After the collapse of Nude Records they resigned to Sanctuary Records releasing the critically acclaimed ''Welcome To Winners'' in October 2003. The band now run their own independent label ''Dedtedrecords'' which saw the release of a double CD Lowgold retrospective collection called ''Keep Music Miserable'' in October 2005.

*''The 108 E.P'' (July 2000)

*''Just Backward of Square'' (February 2001)

*''Welcome To Winners'' (October 2003)

*''Keep Music Miserable'' (October 2005)

* Official Lowgold Website

* Dedted Records

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years active 1998–present
country England
music genre Indie rock
current members Darren Ford
Dan Symons
Miles Willey
past members Simon Scott (live drummer)
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia