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"Lucero" is a Grunge/Punk infused Country music band that is based in Memphis, Tennessee. Their punk rock roots flavor their now "country-ish" music by keeping it fast, but their southern roots give them the twang that they have come to be known by. Their electrifying concerts have made their crowd grow exponentially over the last few years.

Lucero began quite humbly with vocalist/guitarist Ben Nichols and guitarist Brian Venable. They wanted to play quiet country-influenced songs at punk rock shows. Nichols did the obligatory punk rock route playing in a couple of bands including the band "RED 40". Venable did the obligatory punk rock route sans the “playing in a couple of bands.” Bassist John Stubblefield and drummer Roy Berry had bounced around local Memphis bands since what feels like the days of the Carter administration; and Berry has had his thumb in just about every musical pie one could imagine.

The band started out drummer-less and with a violinist on board, playing to your garden-variety “20 or so friends” crowds. Parties, the warehouse, bars that are now memories, the usual. Over the years the crowd grew, and so did the touring schedule. No...

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