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Lucio Battisti

"Lucio Battisti" (5 March 1943 - 9 September 1998, Milan) was one of the most significant Italian song writers of the 20th century. He wrote several songs with lyricist Giulio Rapetti, better known as Mogol.


Battisti was born in Poggio Bustone, a town in the Province of Rieti (Northern Latium), and moved with his family to Rome in 1947. A self-taught guitarist, Battisti made his debut as musician in the 1960s, performing in local bands in Rome, Naples and later in Milan: here he joined I Campioni ("The Champions"), the support band of then famous singer Tony Dallara.

In Milan he found the aid of a French talent scout, Christine Leroux, who worked for the Ricordi musical label. Leroux took Battisti under her wing, as he penned three sizeable hits in 1966 for other artists ("Per una lira" for Ribelli, "Dolce di giorno" for Dik Dik, and "Uno in Più" for Riki Maiocchi). Leroux also introduced Battisti to songwriter Giulio Rapetti, better known as Mogol: though not impressed at first by Battisti's musics, Mogol declared later to have decided to start the collaboration anyway after recognizing Battisti's humble, though determined, desire to improve his works. Mogol al...

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