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Lucky Boys Confusion

"Lucky Boys Confusion" is a rock band from the Chicago suburbs in DuPage County. Known as LBC by their fans, the group has built a dedicated following by touring furiously throughout the midwest prior to their first major label release in 2001 and continuing to tour relentlessly since then throughout the nation.

LBC's music has been described as a mix of punk, ska, and hip hop. LBC consists of vocalist Kaustubh (Stubhy) Pandav, guitarist/vocalist Adam Krier, guitarist Joe Sell, bassist Jason Schultejann, and drummer Ryan Fergus. The band's music often deals with suburban existence and has connected to a large core of followers. Stubhy and Adam write the majority of the band's songs.

LBC is one of a select group of rock bands with a non-caucasian band member, let alone a non-caucasian lead singer. Some other noted bands with non-caucasian members are Sum 41, System of a Down, Queen and No Doubt. No Doubt, Queen and LBC all have a member of Indian origin. Stubhy's experience growing up with recent immigrants to the U.S. are a popular theme of the band's lyrics.

The band formed in 1997 shortly after the breakups of Stubhy and Ryan's band Farmboy and Adam and Joe's band ...

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