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"Ludo" is a power-pop rock band from St. Louis, Missouri that is known for harmony-driven tunes with strong lyrics and an extensive touring schedule that has developed a solid fan base (known as Ninjas).

Ludo has gone through a number of changes as it has developed over the years. It started as a duo of lead vocalist and guitarist Andrew Volpe and guitarist Tim Ferrell, but has expanded to a five-piece group with keyboardist Tim Convy, bassist Marshall Fanciullo and drummer Matt Palermo.

The band started out "armed with a van, two ferrets and a DIY three-song demo" in 2003, and released its debut self-titled album that summer on St. Louis independent label Redbird Records. In the run up to their second recording, Broken Bride (a rock opera EP released in 2005 that tells the story of a man who travels back in time to save his dead wife), Ludo began to make its mark on the music scene outside of St. Louis. The band, still touring constantly, won contests to play at South by Southwest and to have a video produced by Fuse, played at the Winter X Games, appeare...

years active 2003 – Present
origin St. Louis, Missouri
music genre Power pop, Rock music
current members Andrew Volpe
Tim Ferrell
Marshall Fanciullo
Tim Convy
Matt Palermo
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia