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"Lulu" can refer to:

* Lulu (singer), a pop music singer.

* ''Lulu'' (opera), an opera by Alban Berg.

* An alternate name for Georg Wilhelm Pabst's 1929 movie ''Pandora's Box'', as well as the subsequent nickname of its star, Louise Brooks.

* Lulu (Final Fantasy X), a character in the computer role-playing game ''Final Fantasy X''.

* Lulu (The Legend of Zelda), the lead singer of the Zora band "The Indigo-Go's" in the video game ''Majora's Mask'' from ''The Legend of Zelda'' series.

*, POD self-publishing site and retailer.

* locally unwanted land use.

* ''Lulu (1980 film)'', a 1980 film.

* Little Lulu, a comic strip character.

* The former US Navy nuclear depth charge MK-101 for anti-submarine warfare.

* Friends of Lulu, an organization that promotes female readership and participation in the comic book industry.

* Lulu, a pet kangaroo who saved a farmer's life. Winner of the RSPCA National Animal Valor Award on May 19, 2004

* A foreign adaptation of the French diminutive ''Loulou'' for ''Louise''.

* Lulu Island, an island which comprises most of Richmond...

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