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Luna Sea

"LUNA SEA" was a significantly popular Japanese visual rock band of the 1990s. Joining forces in 1989 out of high school, its members consisted of RYUICHI (河村隆一, Ryuichi Kawamura) on vocals, SUGIZO (杉原悠, Yasuhiro Sugihara) on lead guitar and violin, INORAN (井上清信, Kiyonobu Inoue) on rhythm guitar, J (小野瀬潤, Jun Onose) on bass, and 真矢 (山田真矢, Shinya Yamada) on drums/percussion. Discovered by X Japan guitarist hide in a club, the band then known as LUNACY were signed by the famous Yoshiki, the grandfather of all Japanese modern rock labels, Extasy Records. Their self-titled album, LUNA SEA (1991), was the first of eight full-length original albums that found LUNA SEA notoriety and superstardom.

In their heyday, effeminately gothic LUNA SEA were second only to visual kei pioneers X Japan in popularity. Yet LUNA SEA's combined efforts finally came to a conclusion in a two day farewell concert, THE FINAL ACT, that started on December 26, 2000 and was held in the sold-out Tokyo Dome.

Since then, the band members have pursued solo careers with varying degrees of success. Notably, RYUICHI has stepped into a modest acting career and has qu...

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