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Luna Sea

LUNA SEA was a significantly popular Japanese visual rock band of the 1990s. Joining forces in 1989 out of high school, its members consisted of RYUICHI (æ²³æéä¸, Ryuichi Kawamura) on vocals, SUGIZO (æåæ , Yasuhiro Sugihara) on lead guitar and violin, INORAN (äºä¸æ¸ä¿¡, Kiyonobu Inoue) on rhythm guitar, J (å°éç¬æ½¤, Jun Onose) on bass, and çç¢ (å±±ç°çç¢, Shinya Yamada) on drums/percussion. Discovered by X Japan guitarist hide in a club, the band then known as LUNACY were signed by the famous Yoshiki, the grandfather of all Japanese modern rock labels, Extasy Records. Their self-titled album, LUNA SEA (1991), was the first of eight full-length original albums that found LUNA SEA notoriety and superstardom.

In their heyday, effeminately gothic LUNA SEA were second only to visual kei pioneers X Japan in popularity. Yet LUNA SEA's combined efforts finally came to a conclusion in a two day farewell concert, THE FINAL ...

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