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"Lycia" is a darkwave band that was formed in 1988. The main personnel of the band are Mike VanPortfleet, Tara Vanflower and David Galas

*''Wake'' (1989)

*''Ionia'' (1991)

*''A Day in the Stark Corner'' (1993)

*''The Burning Circle and then Dust'' (1995)

*''Cold'' (1997)

*''Estrella'' (1998)

*''Tripping Back into the Broken Days'' (2002)

*''Empty Spaces'' (2003)

*''Estrella (Remastered)'' (2005)

*''The Burning Circle and then Dust (Remastered)'' (2006)

* Official Lycia Page

* Official David Galas Page


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