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"Lync" was a 1990's indie rock band from Olympia, Washington whose short-lived career proved influential to the lo-fi sound in indie music.

Formed in 1992, Lync was comprised of guitarist/vocalist Sam Jayne, bassist/vocalist James Bertram and drummer Dave Schneider. Lync's distinct sound of distortion, hiss and irregular tuning created a loud, somewhat shambled sound similar to Pavement and Slint.

The band went on to release singles on Magic Pail, Candy Ass, Landspeed and K Records, and one full-length album on K, These Are Not Fall Colors, before disbanding in 1994.

In 1997, Troubleman Unlimited and K collected the band's singles and unreleased tracks and release them on one compact disc, Remembering The Fireballs (Part 8).

After disbanding, Sam Jayne and Dave Schneider played in Love as Laughter, and James Bertram plays regularly with Red Stars Theory and 764-Hero, and has played with Beck, Built to Spill, and Satisfact.

Despite their short history, Lync has procured a small hardcore fanbase in the indie music scene, influencing the sound of modern acts such as Modest Mouse, The Promise Ring and Death Cab for Cutie.


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