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M.I.R.V. is a band based in San Francisco, California known for its somewhat eclectic musical style and on stage antics. Founded in 1994, it consists of the band's namesake guitarist and singer Marc "Mirv" Haggard, bassist Craig McFarland, drummer Jeff Gomes, and Kehoe, who contributes vocals, guitar, and keys.

Their musical style typically includes elements of hard rock, heavy metal, and electronica, but has also included elements from other genres, such as country. For instance, ''Unabomber'' features Haggard's talented vocals accompanied by a hard electronica and rock sound, while ''GTO'' features Haggard again, but this time with a longer lyrical narrative and country styled guitar playing.

The band has toured worldwide alongside acts like Jerry Cantrell, Fishbone, Primus, and has played with groups like Cheap Trick and Run DMC.


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