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Macc Lads

The "Macc Lads" – the self proclaimed "rudest crudest lewdest drunkest band in Christendom" – formed in the late 1970s in Macclesfield, UK. Their career spanned the years 1981 to 1995 and they become notorious for their foul mouthed lyrics, political incorrectness, drinking, sexism and homophobia. They managed to offend a great many people and were repeatedly banned from venues and radio stations whilst retaining a die hard fan base. They are perhaps best described as the musical equivalent of the Viz comic, sharing many of the same themes.

Song lyrics cover an array of subjects, including beer, sex, chips 'n' gravy, football, fighting, and bodily functions. "Newcy Brown" beer makes an appearance in one song, but Boddingtons is the beer of choice for a true Macc Lad. And according to the Lads' songs, forcing a gay man to drink several pints of Boddingtons will change his sexual orientation!

Numerous synonyms for female genitalia, sexual intercourse, and homosexuals have been coined by the Macc Lads throughout the years, which is a great source of pride. However, 'Muttley McLad' – the lead sing...

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