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Machine Gun Fellatio

"Machine Gun Fellatio" were an alternative Australian band, recording and playing music of large range of styles. They were formed in 1997 by three of their current line up. They are well known for their on-stage antics and humorous lyrics as well as the musical merits of their songs - their outrage-provoking name (apparently coined after being spotted in some graffiti) gives some idea of the attitude that pervades the band's work. They are also sometimes compared to the American jack-of-all-trades band, Ween.

The first release, ''Unsound Sounds'' was a collection of songs by themselves and two other bands - The Libertines and Limebunny. The three groups weren't completely separate - there was some overlap between members.

Machine Gun Fellatio's first well known track was ''Isaac or Fuzz'', a song made of parts of a voice message left at a recording studio (mostly humming the tune to "Reach Up" by the Paul Oakenfold-related project Perfecto Allstarz), put to a fast dance beat.

They remained quiet until 1999 when they released ''Mutha Fukka On A Motorcycle'', and ''Unsent Letter'', which, like "Isaac or Fuzz", were very popular with Triple J listeners. By this stag...

years active 1997 – 2005
status inactive
origin Australia
music genre Alternative Rock
current members Bryan Ferrysexual
Chit Chat Von Loopin Stab
KK Juggy
Pinky Beecroft
3k Short
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source: Wikipedia