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Madball is a New York Hardcore band that started out in the late 1980s and is still active today. Along with bands such as Agnostic Front, Vietnom, Bulldoze, Resistance and (American band)|H2O?, they comprise a part of New York's DMS Crew. Vocalist Cricien and guitarist Hoya are also in the band Hazen Street, along with members of (American band)|H2O?, Cro-Mags, Angels and Airwaves, and Box Car Racer.

== Members =

  • Freddy Cricien - Vocals
  • Hoya - Bass
  • Mitts - Guitar
  • Rigg Ross - Drums

== Discography =

  • Ball of Destruction EP (1988/1992)
  • Droppin' Many Suckers (1992)
  • Set It Off (1994)
  • Demonstrating My Style (1996)
  • N.Y.H.C. Documentary Soundtrack (1996)
  • Look My Way (1998)
  • Hold It Down (2000)
  • Best of Madball (2003) - Compilation of greatest hits
  • NYHC EP (2004)
  • Legacy (2005)


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