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"''Madcap"'' is a punk band from Southern California which loosely formed in 1994. After several lineup changes a solid group was formed in 1999 with original members Lee LeBaigue, Johnny Mastantuono, Alfredo Gonzalez and new member Jake Beil. In 2002 Ace (Jordan Johnson) replaced guitarist Alfredo Gonzalez. Madcap currently has three albums: Stand Your Ground and East To West, released on Side One Dummy Records and Under Suspicion released on current record label Victory Records.

* ''Stand Your Ground'' (2001)

* ''East To West'' (2002)

* ''Under Suspicion'' (2004)

The word "madcap" also is used as an expression of absurdity which is found in art, film, theatre, and music (e.g. "a particular group of artists are ''so'' ''madcap''").

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