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Madder Rose

"Madder Rose" was a New York City-based alternative pop band who recorded in the 1990s. The band was fronted by Mary Lorson, who shared songwriting duties with guitarist Billy Coté. Several of their songs, including "Panic On" and "Car Song", were featured in John Peel's end of year roundup the Festive Fifty. The band released three albums on Atlantic Records and one on independent label Thirsty Ear before breaking up in 1999. After the breakup, Lorson and Coté continued their collaboration in a new band called Saint Low.

* (1993) ''Bring It Down''

* (1993) ''Swim'' - EP

* (1994) ''Panic On''

* (1994) ''Car Song'' - EP

* (1995) ''The Love You Save'' - EP

* (1997) ''Tragic Magic''

* (1999) ''Hello June Fool''

* (1999) ''Overflow''

* Madder Rose at All Music Guide

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