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"Madonna" may refer to:

* The Madonna, Roman Catholic title for Mary, mother of Jesus

* Madonna (art), a medieval Italian term for a noble or otherwise important woman


* Madonna (entertainer), an American pop singer and actress

* Madonna Wayne Gacy, the current keyboard player for Marilyn Manson


* Madona, Latvia, a town in Latvia

* House of the Black Madonna, a cubist building in Prague, Czech republic

* Madonna del Ghisallo, a hill close to Lake Como in Italy

* Madonna Inn, a motel of flamboyant style in San Luis Obispo, California

* Madonna of the Trail, a series of historical monuments along the National Old Trails Highway, from Maryland to California

* Madonna Oriente, a Moon goddess that was worshipped in a cult that developed in Milan towards the end of the 14th century

* Madonna University, a private, non-profit, Catholic Franciscan college located in Livonia, Michigan


* Madonna lily, a plant in the genus Lilium, a "true lily", that is native to Asia Minor

* Black Madonna, a statue or painting of Mary in which she is depicted with black skin

** A song of the same name by Noe Venable

* Madonna (skateboard...

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