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"Madrugada" is a Norwegian rock band formed in 1995. The band members include Frode Jacobsen (bass), Sivert Høyem (vocals), and Robert Burås (guitar).

Vangen took over for Jon Lauvland Pettersen, a founding member of Madrugada; Lauvland Pettersen left the band after their second album (in 2002) and is currently playing in the band Milestone Refinery; Simen Vangen announced his leaving in 2005 and stated he wanted to focus on various jazz projects, things that did not fit together with being a member of Madrugada; however, he will continue to collaborate with Sivert Høyem in The Opposition.

Madrugada finished recording their fourth album -- ''The Deep End'' -- late in 2004 and it was released on February 28th, 2005 in Norway, on March 31st in the rest of Europe and finally in the US on April 11th. A radio single entitled "The Kids Are on High Street" was released for domestic radio play on January 14. A music video for the single was filmed in London.

On December 14th 2005, Madrugada released their first live album - Live at Tralfamadore. Tralfamadore is the fictional home planet of aliens from several novels by the American author Kurt Vonnegut. By the end of 200...

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