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"Mae" is a Indie/Indie Rock group that formed in Norfolk, Virginia in 2001. Jacob Marshall and Dave Elkins began what would become Mae by writing their first song, ''Embers and Envelopes'', in Dave's living room. Their name is an acronym of Multi sensory Aesthetic Experience, which comes from a theory called aesthetic theory, explored by the band's drummer, Jacob Marshall, while a student at Old Dominion University. Mae toured extensively in 2005 to promote the release of The Everglow, their second full-length album, and also performed on the Vans Warped Tour. Mae has recently re-releaseed ''The Everglow'' which now includes three new songs and a 2 hour DVD.

Mae is often called a ''Christian rock'' band because they are on a label that traditionally released Christian music. Though some of the members of Mae are confirmed Christians, the band is not in fact a "Christian group" and has said as much

* Dave Elkins (born Dave Gimenez) – vocals, guitar

* Zach Gehring – guitar

* Rob Sweitzer – keyboard, vocals

* Mark Padgett – bass

* Jacob Marshall – drums


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years active 2001–present
origin Norfolk, Virginia, United States
music genre indie (music)
current members Dave Elkins
Zach Gehring
Rob Sweitzer
Mark Padgett
Jacob Marshall
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source: Wikipedia