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"Magnapop" are a rock band based in Atlanta, Georgia. Formed in 1990, the band has consistently included Linda Hopper as vocalist and Ruthie Morris on guitar. The lineup now comprises Hopper, Morris, bassist Scott Rowe and drummer Chad Williams.

Their self-titled first album was produced by Michael Stipe of R.E.M. as a demo. They followed it up with ''Hot Boxing'' (produced by Bob Mould) in 1994 and ''Rubbing Doesn't Help'' in 1996, before their record label folded.

On January 25 2005, the re-formed group released ''Mouthfeel'' on the Indigo Girls' record label Daemon Records and, in Europe, on DevilDuck Records. Their biggest singles to date are "Slowly, Slowly" and "Open the Door." The latter has been covered by Eels, and their song "Favorite Writer" was covered by R.E.M. (on their ''Bad Day'' EP, 2003). Juliana Hatfield wrote "Ruthless" in honour of the band's fiercely charismatic guitarist ("We're all gushin', but I swear we really mean it, man/We're all sucking up to Ruthie").

In May 2006, Magnapop completed a successful tour of Belgium and the Netherlands, and has returned home to begin work on the followup to ''Mouthfeel''.

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country Atlanta, Georgia
status Active
years active 1989-1997, 2005-present
music genre Power pop,
pop rock
current members Linda Hopper,
Ruthie Morris,
Scott Rowe,
Chad Williams (musician)
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia