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"Magnet" were a band formed for the purpose of recording the soundtrack to the 1973 film ''The Wicker Man''. The band were assembled by musician Gary Carpenter (the film's Associate Musical Director) to perform songs composed by New York songwriter Paul Giovanni. Originally under the moniker ''Lodestone'', later to change to "Magnet" because of a conflict with another band, the group included Peter Brewis (recorders, jew's harp, harmonica, bass guitar, etc.), Michael Cole (concertina, harmonica, bassoon), Andrew Tompkins (guitars), Ian Cutler (violin), Bernard Murray (percussion) and finally Carpenter himself (piano, recorders, fife, ocarina, nordic lyre, Etc.). Carpenter, Brewis and Cole had recently graduated from The Royal College of Music in London and Tompkins, Cutler and Murray were all members of Carpenter's band ''Hocket''. The band also featured Giovanni on guitar and vocals for many tracks and appeared in the film in various scenes.

Their soundtrack for the film is considered by many to be a major influence on neofolk and psych folk music.

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