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"Manassas" were a seventies rock band formed by Stephen Stills in 1971. The nucleus of the band had already backed Stills on his July 1971 album ''Stephen Stills 2'', and in May 1972, the double-LP ''Manassas'' was released. ''Down the Road'' came in 1973 and in September of that year the band split; Passarelli and Lala to Stills' backing band; Harris, Perkins and Hillman to the "Souther-Hillman-Furay Band".

*Stephen Stills, vocals & guitar (ex-CSNY, Buffalo Springfield)

*Chris Hillman, vocals & guitar (ex-Byrds, Flying Burrito Brothers)

*Al Perkins, steel guitar & guitar

*Kenny Passareli, bass

*Paul Harris, keyboards

*Dallas Taylor, drums

*Joe Lala, percussion


*''Manassas'' - May 1972

*''Down the Road'' - May 1973


*1972 "It Doesn't Matter / Rock'n'roll Crazies - Cuban Bluegrass"

*1972 "It Doesn't Matter / Fallen Angel"

*1972 "Rock'n'roll Crazies / Colorado"

*1973 "Isn't It About Time / So Many Times"

*1973 "Guaguanco De Vero / Down the Road"

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