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"Manntis" is a metalcore band from Riverside, California. The band formed in 2000 with four members. They later decided to bring in another guitarist. At first their popularity began by word of mouth when they played at parties for their friends. Then they were selected as one of the bands to compete on MTV's the Battle for Ozzfest. Their lead guitarist Adair Cobley was picked as the representative for the band on the show. "''Manntis"'' was one of the top 3 contestants before the winner was chosen and lost to the members of Curse Your Name (formerly known as "Cynder") and A Dozen Furies. They have one CD out at the moment entitled ''Sleep in Your Grave''. The CD also has the acoustic song written by Adair that was presented in front of Rob Halford of Judas Priest during the ozzfest show called "The End's Where it Begins". The band is currently touring with Hatebreed, Most Precious Blood, Full Blown Chaos, Gizmachi, and If Hope Dies.

*''Sleep in Your Grave'' (2005)

*Jake Daniels - Vocals

*Adair Cobley - Lead guitar

*Daniel Racardio - Guitar

*Clint Gregory - Bass

*Andre Morales - Drums

*Jeremy Swanson - Guitar

*Jimmie Sanders - Drums

*Josh Feather...

years active 2000 - present
status Active
country Riverside, California, USA
music genre Metalcore
current members Jake Daniels
Adair Cobley
Jeremy Swanson
Clint Gregory
Jimmie Sanders
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia