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"Manowar" is an American Heavy metal band from Auburn, New York, which formed in 1980.

Joey DeMaio was working as a bass tech / pyrotechnic for Black Sabbath when he met with guitarist Ross the Boss, playing for a group called Shakin Street, a Black Sabbath support band. They later recruited Eric Adams for vocals and Donnie Hamzik for the drums, to create Manowar — a band with an unusual epic sound. Manowar recorded ''Battle Hymns'', their debut album, which featured "Dark Avenger", a slow epic track with narration by Orson Welles (Welles later returned on the ''Fighting the World'' album and did the narration on another slow track called "Defender").

Their second album, ''Into Glory Ride'', was the first to feature Scott Columbus as drummer. Because of his viciousness behind the drums, standard kits simply collapsed. Custom stainless steel kits had to be built just for him. Their third album, titled ''Hail to England'', was mixed and recorded in only six days. The band's "Spectacle of Might" tour of Great Britain is subject to claims that the loudness of one of the band's performances was measured at 129.5 decibels. Their following albums were ''Sign of the Hamm...

years active 1980 - present
music genreHeavy Metal
current members Joey DeMaio
Eric Adams
Karl Logan
Scott Columbus
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia