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Marco Masini

"Marco Masini" (born September 18, 1964) is an Italian singer-songwriter

Masini was born in Florence. He was classically trained on the piano as a child but developed a passion for popular music. He was discovered playing in a piano-bar in Florence.

In 1986, he met the successful producer-songwriter Giancarlo Bigazzi and played piano and arranged for Umberto Tozzi and Raf. In 1990 his solo career was launched when he won the new talent section of the Sanremo Music Festival with "Disperato", written with Bigazzi and Beppe Dati, his usual collaborators.

He had great success through the 1990s in Italy as well in Spain, Germany and France with his albums ''Marco Masini'', ''Malinconoia'', ''T'innamorerai'' and ''Il cielo della Vergine''. Masini was sometimes criticised for the bleak and depressing subject matter of his songs; for instance, "Perché lo fai" (third place at Sanremo Music Festival in 1991) was about drug addiction, and "Principessa" about child abuse. Songs like "Bella stronza", and "Vaffanculo" (English: "Fuck you") were also controversial, causing trouble with the censors because of explicit language. Certain radio stations refused to play the song, b...

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