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Marlene Kuntz

The "Marlene Kuntz" is an Italian band originary from Cuneo. Initially they was ispired by the noise rock of the Sonic Youth.

The name is a merge of the Marlene Dietrich name and the slang word kuntz.

Marlene Kuntz was born in the years '80, composed by Luca Bergia(Drum) and Riccardo Tesio(Guitar).


Franco Ballatore join the band playing bass, and in the winter they found a test room in Confreria near the state.


Cristiano Godano join the band playing guitars and writing songs. During may they've the first concert in Cuneo playing ''1° 2° 3°'', ''La verità'' and ''Emozioni Nascoste'' (cover of Jack on Fire!.


In February they record a demo of 4 songs: La Verità, Trasudamerica, 1° 2° 3° e Capello lungo that have a good feedback from critics.

In April record also their first video, Merry X-mas and, after the concert of 25 aprile at Cortemilia, Alex leave the band, for working pressure. Cristiano takes his place at voice continuing plaiyng guitar.

In the new formation, the Marlene Kuntz record in July the second demo with 4 songs: ''Donna L'', ''Gioia che mi do'', ''Signor Niente'' and ''Merry X-mas''. The demo was not so appreciated, b...

status Active
country Cuneo, Italy
years active 1987–present
music genre Noise Rock,Melodic Rock
current members Cristiano Godano
Riccardo Tesio
Luca Bergia
Gianni Maroccolo
past members Dan Solo
Franco Ballatore
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia