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Martin Mull

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"Martin Mull" (born August 18, 1943 in Chicago, Illinois and raised in North Ridgeville, Ohio) is an American painter, actor, comedian, and recording artist. He is a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design.

Following a period of stand-up comedy performances and humorous song recordings, his first famous role was as Garth Gimble and Barth Gimble in the television nighttime absurdist soap opera ''Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman'' (1976), which led to spin-off comedy talk shows ''Fernwood 2-Night'' (1977) and ''America 2-Night'' (1978), in which he played the emcee Barth Gimble, opposite Fred Willard as sidekick Jerry Hubbard. During 1984 he starred in a CBS sitcom, ''Domestic Life'', with Megan Follows playing his teenaged daughter. He also has appeared as a guest on the game show ''Hollywood Squares'', appearing as the center square in the show's final season.

He has also acted in feature films, including:

*''FM'' (1978)

*''Serial'' (1980)

*''My Bodyguard'' (1980)

*''Take This Job and Shove It'' (1981)

*''Mr. Mom'' (1983)

*''Growing Pains'' (1984)

*''Clue'' (1985) as Colonel Mustard

*''Mrs. Doubtfire'' (1993)

*''Jingle All the ...

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