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Martin Newell

"Martin Newell" (born 1953), also known as "the Wild Man of Wivenhoe", is an English rock and roll musician, poet and author. He grew up in an army family in various parts of England and the Far East. His music is guitar pop with clever lyrics and jangly, upbeat, guitar-centric arrangements.

During the 1980s he led a band called "The Cleaners From Venus", who mostly released their work on cassettes (see Cassette culture) outside the traditional music distribution channels. In the 1990s he began working as a solo artist with more conventional production values.

His first solo album, ''The Greatest Living Englishman'', produced by XTC's Andy Partridge, was a critical success. Commercially, it remains his most popular and successful album. It was followed by three more albums (''The Off White Album'', ''The Spirit Cage'' and ''Radio Autumn Attic'') and an EP (''Songs From the Station Hotel'') that continued to explore the same subject matter as ''Englishman'', including the charms of rural or small-town English life and portraits of characters and scenes.

In 2004 Newell released an album of light jazz songs, ''The Light Programme''. This showed his talent for...

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