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Mary Prankster

Mary Prankster was a U.S. singer-songwriter from Baltimore (now residing in New York) who played an intriguing blend of alternative/indie music and extremely frank lyrics. The name is a reference to Ken Kesey's Merry Pranksters. After over 1,000 live performances the Mary Prankster character was retired over "Pranksgiving Weekend" (November 25â28, 2005).

The musicians who have played in her band include Phil "The Machine" Tang, Jon E. Cakes, Dave E. Rockets, Mike Lackey, Cord Neal, Matt Collorafice, Terry Kloth, Andy Mabe, Sam McCall? and Michael Smith.

Her first radio single was "Tits and Whiskey" off of Blue Skies Over Dundalk, a 1:40 song which she called "my attempt at writing the most obnoxious song ever", and which contains the word "fuck" thirteen times. This did not stop local radio station WHFS from playing the song daily for several weeks. WHFS also arranged for her to play a free roadside show that was quickly shut down by the police due to the traffic back-ups that it created and landed her a spot opening for They Might...

years active 199? – 2005
country Baltimore, Maryland, USA
music genre Cowpunk
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia

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