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Mason Proffit

Mason Proffit

"MASON PROFFIT", was a band that appeared on the American music scene in 1969, pushed country and rock closer together than ever before; flew high, played hard and, in 1973, left as quickly as they appeared.


In the late 60’s music was changing and adapting to a new generation. Folk music had merged with rock, blues had re-grouped with gospel and ultimately country and rock were converging. The Byrds and other bands were playing a form of country rock, but the undisputed leader and standard bearer was a band from the Midwest called "MASON PROFFIT".

Looking more like an outlaw gang from the wild west than rock stars, wearing leather fringe jackets and moccasins, Mason Proffit took the sound and songs of America and fused them with the conscience of a growing movement for social change. On stage, Mason Proffit combined high energy hard rockin' country guitars, pedal steel and dobro, with incredible harmonies and lyrics that cause you to stop and think.

Brothers John Michael (banjo, electric and pedal steel guitar) and Terry Talbot (vocals and guitar) fronted the band and wrote and sung most of the songs. The band packed a phenomenal line up of musicians: ...

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