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Massive Attack

"Massive Attack" are a trip hop band from Bristol, England. They have released eight albums - four full studio albums, two movie soundtracks, one remix album, and a greatest hits collection. Their music is electronic and combines elements of jazz, hip hop, rock, classical into music that is often named as trip-hop and other genres; lately darker, subtler forms of electronic music have been dominant influences.

Massive Attack are constant collaborators and have worked with an extremely diverse mix of artists, from Sinéad O'Connor to reggae star Horace Andy to Madonna and they were one of the first artists to record non-traditional fusion music with Qawwali master, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. Their work has also been used in many feature films and television shows, including ''The Matrix'', ''24'', ''Prison Break'' and ''House''. They also now own a members-only club, Nocturne, located in their hometown of Bristol.


Massive Attack began as an offshoot of the Bristol art community The Wild Bunch. Although their lineup has shifted over the years, they originally had three members, Robert Del Naja ("3D"), Grant Marshall ("Daddy G") and Andrew Vowles ("Mushroom"). In 1988 the...

years active 1988 – present
origin Bristol, England
music genre Trip-Hop
current members Robert Del Naja ("3D")
Daddy G
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia