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"Matmatah" is a popular French rock band. Their popularity also extends to India, where they have played in many rock shows in Mumbai (Bombay), Pondicherry and Chennai (Madras).

They are known by their endearing fans both for their energetic stage performances and their unique stage covers of classic rock songs.

The current line-up of the band is:

*Tristan Nihouarn (Stan)- vocals, rhythm guitar, keyboards.

*Cédric Floc'h (Sammy)- lead guitar, vocals.

*Eric Digaire (Eric)- bass guitar, vocals, keyboards.

*Jean-François Ribald (Fañch)- drums, percussion.


*Benoit Fournier- drums, percussion.

The band was established in 1992 when Stan, who at that time was a student pursuing study of Advanced Mathematics in Brest(northern Brittany, France), met Sammy. Both were guitarists and together formed a song and guitar duo called the Tricards Twins, playing in a number of bars and pubs in Brittany. They developed a repertoire for playing songs from the sixties and seventies, with the Beatles, Neil Young and Simon and Garfunkel figuring prominently among their influences.

In one of their shows, they met bassist Eric and drummer Benoi...

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