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Matt Powell

"Matt Powell" (Matthew Powell) is the first westerner to be the student of the A.A. Kadochnikov System, was the founder of and North America's most visible instructor from 2000-2004, and creator of PraMek. Matt Powell has trained various celebrities, military units, high risk executive protection personnel, and other groups in need of combatives training. Matt Powell's students have included a range of people, from megastar rapper Ludacris and I-20 (rapper), to teaching at the US Army Combatives Institute.

On July 22 2004, he announced on rmaforum.com that his website would not be brought back up, his organization K-Sys would be disbanded, and his pursuits would be redirected towards his own art, PraMek.

His published works include K-Sys: An American Understanding of the Basics of the Kadochnikov Style of Hand-to-Hand Combat Fighting, an 82-page pdf e-manual on Kadochnikov's Systema, which is available to the public in limited supply.

The web form which hosted this announcement had since been taken down, and as of June 2005 it ha...

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