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Matt Powell

Matt Powell (Matthew Powell) is the first westerner to be the student of the A.A. Kadochnikov System, was the founder of K-Sys.org and North America's most visible instructor from 2000-2004, and creator of PraMek?. Matt Powell has trained various celebrities, military units, high risk executive protection personnel, and other groups in need of combatives training. Matt Powell's students have included a range of people, from megastar rapper Ludacris and I-20 (rapper), to teaching at the US Army Combatives Institute.

On July 22 2004, he announced on rmaforum.com1 archive.org that his K-Sys.org website would not be brought back up, his organization K-Sys would be disbanded, and his pursuits would be redirected towards his own art, PraMek?.

His published works include K-Sys: An American Understanding of the Basics of the Kadochnikov Style of Hand-to-Hand Comb...

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