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Mattafix are an UK alternative hip hop duo, made up of Marlon Roudette and Preetesh Hirji. Their sound is a mix of hip hop, soul, reggae and dancehall. Marlon Roudette is known to sound like a girl in some of his more 'soulful' songs.

Mattafix released their first single "11.30 (Dirtiest Trick In Town)" as a limited edition on Buddhist Punk Records on 31 January 2005. Their first full single, "Big City Life", released by EMI on 8 August 2005 was a considerable hit, managing a number 15 peak on the UK singles chart, a big feat for a UK R&B/hip-hop group, and topped the charts in Germany, the Czech Republic, Austria and other European countries. Their third single, "Passer By" was released on 24 October 2005, unfortunately missing the UK Top 75. The single preceded their debut album ''Signs Of A Struggle'', which was released a week later.

The group have toured with the likes of Jem and Joss Stone on their UK tours. The fourth single from their debut album, was "To & Fro", which features backing vocals from former Sugababe, Siobhan Donaghy. It was released as a download only single on 13 March 2006.

Mattafix is notoriuosly famous for "Lyrics that make you think". ...

years active 2005–present
status active
origin United Kingdom
music genre Alternative hip hop, R&B
First Album Signs Of A Struggle
Most Recent Album Signs Of A Struggle
current members Marlon Roudette (left) and Preetesh Hirji (right)
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia