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Maxime Le Forestier

"Maxime Le Forestier" (born February 10, 1949) is a French singer.

He was born in Paris. His father was English, and his mother had long lived in England. He had two older sisters.

His musical training started on the violin, which his sister also played. He attended the Lycée Condorcet, where he studied literature.

In 1965, he started singing in the flea market in Saint-Ouen and created a duo with his sister Catherine. They released a single with four titles.

After his military service, the duo broke up, and he issued his first solo single. He developed a folksy style which was enormously popular in the 1970s and '80s. He toured extensively, both in France and abroad. In 1976, he toured in 14 cities in the USSR.

*''Le Forestier chante Brassens'' (1979)

*''Les rendez-vous manqués'' (1980)

*''Dans ces histoires'' (1981)

*''Les jours meilleurs'' (1983)

*''Aftershave'' (1986)

*''Sagesse du fou'' (1991)

*''Passer ma route'' (1996)

* Official website (in French)

Le Forestier, Maxime

Le Forestier, Maxime

Le Forestier, Maxime

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