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"Mayonnaise" is a 4-piece (3 males and 1 female) Filipino alternative rock/pop-punk band. They became famous after winning the prestigious Red Horse Muziklaban 2004.

*Monty Macalino - guitar/lead vocals

*Lee Maningas - bass/backup vocals

*Shan Regalado - drums

*Paga Manikan - lead guitar

The band's name was adopted of one of their favorite band, The Smashing Pumpkins's track song ''Mayonnaise'' on the Siamese Dream album 1993.

Monty is the hefty frontman of the band and is definitely a large person so Mayonnaise does get recognized and remembered because of this not-quite-tiny detail. But after the fact lies what the audience take home with them after watching Mayonnaise perform - guitar-driven tunes with ultra-catchy hooks and compelling lyrics. Radio listeners seem to agree, as airplay of their first single ''The Only Thing,'' and the current, ''Eddie Song,'' are steadily rising. And the songs are what the band attributes to winning 2004's Red Horse Muziklaban.

The current line-up is actually the third, as member changes had been inevitable in the band's history. Some of the songs have been around that long, but in different versions. The songs ...

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