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"Medicine" is an alternative noise-pop/rock band from Los Angeles, USA. They were formed in 1991 by guitarist Brad Laner and signed to Rick Rubin's American Recordings label the following year. Medicine was/is considered the American response to such shoegazing bands such as My Bloody Valentine, Ride and Chapterhouse. With a signature guitar tone, created by running guitarist's Brad Laner's guitar through a Yamaha 8-track recorder, Medicine's music managed to distinguish itself from some of the more noisier and ambiguous endeavours of the shoegazing movement.

Medicine made a brief appearance as themselves in the film ''The Crow''.

"''1990s lineup"''

*"Brad Laner": Guitars, Vocals, Keyboards, Bass, Noise.

*"Beth Thompson": Vocals

*"Jim Goodall": Drums

*"Eddie Ruscha": Bass on ''Shot Forth Self Living''

*"Justin Meldal-Johnson": Bass on ''Her Highness''

"''2000s lineup"''

*"Brad Laner": Guitars, Programming

*"Shannon Lee": Vocals

*''Shot Forth Self Living'' (Def American/Creation, 1992)

*''The Buried Life'' (American, 1993)

*''Her Highness'' (American, 1995)

*''The Mechanical Forces of Love'' (Wall of Sound, 2003)

*''Aruca'' (Cre...

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