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Men Without Hats

"Men Without Hats" were a Canadian pop group from Montreal, Quebec who were popular in the early 1980s. They were characterized by the deep, expressive vocals of their lead singer Ivan and their elaborate use of synthesizers and electronic processing. Their most-remembered single was entitled "The Safety Dance".

"Men Without Hats" were always, at the core, Ivan Doroschuk and his brother Stefan, with various other members, including a third brother, Colin Doroschuk, as well as Jeremy Arrobas, Tracy Howe, Roman Martyn, Lenny Pinkas, and Allan McCarthy. They emerged with an EP called ''Folk of the 80s'' (1980). Tracy Howe was only with the band briefly, but long enough to be credited on a reprint of Folk of the 80s, despite not appearing on it.

The band erupted onto the international scene a couple of years later with their hit single "The Safety Dance" from their debut album ''Rhythm of Youth''. They also charted with the title track from their 1987 album, ''Pop Goes the World''.

Their 1991 album ''Sideways'', dominated by processed electric guitars instead of keyboards, revealed a dramatically different sound for the band. The album failed to attract an American l...

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