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"Meshuggah", whose name is taken from the Hebrew and Yiddish word for "crazy," is a five-piece tech metal band from Umeå, Sweden who use extended polymetric passages, complex drum patterns, odd time signatures, angular, dissonant guitar riffs, and harsh, atonal vocals.

Meshuggah was formed in Umeå in 1987; two years later, the band released their first record, an EP entitled ''Psykisk Testbild'' (which can be roughly translated as "psychological test picture", perhaps in reference to a Rorschach Test image). This recording displayed a straightforward thrash metal influenced sound, with some strains along the lines of Metallica's concurrent releases. There were also hints of more complex music in the songwriting. As the group grew older, they further refined the technicality of their musicianship and songwriting. This lead to a harsher sound.

While the band's music is extremely intense and aggressive, the members often demonstrate a strong sense of humour: their video for "New Millennium Cyanide Christ" consisted of the five band members sitting inside their tour bus headbanging and air guitaring to the song. Promotional photos of the band often include comi...

years active 1987– Present
origin Umeå, Sweden
music genre Tech metal
current members Jens Kidman
Fredrik Thordendal
Mårten Hagström
Tomas Haake
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia