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"Mia" may refer to:

* M.I.A., a Sri Lankan British rapper and singer

* Mia Aegerter, a Swiss pop singer and actor

* Mia Farrow, an American actress, b. 1945

* Mia Hamm, an American soccer (football) player

* Mia Kirshner, a Canadian actress

* Mia Sara, an American actress, b. 1967

* Mamma Mia

* Mia is a character in the ''Golden Sun'' video game series (see List of characters in Golden Sun#Mia)

* Mia (.hack) is a character in the ''.hack'' video game series

* Mia (game), a dice game

* Mia (song), by the Flemish rock band Gorki

* Mia Station, a station on the Seoul Subway Line 4

* Monkey Mia, a tourist resort outside Perth, Western Australia

* Mia, slang or personification of the eating disorder Bulimia, commonly used in the pro-mia movement


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