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Mike Oldfield

"Michael Gordon Oldfield" (born May 15, 1953 in Reading, England) is a multi-instrumentalist musician and composer, working a style that blends progressive rock, folk, ethnic or world music, classical music, electronic music and more recently dance. His music is often elaborate and complex in nature.

Oldfield's parents are Maureen and Raymond Oldfield. His sister Sally and brother Terry are successful musicians in their own right and have appeared on several of his albums. Mike and his siblings were raised Roman Catholic, the faith of their Irish mother. He and the Norwegian singer Anita Hegerland have two children together.


Oldfield's career began fairly early in his life, playing acoustic guitar in local folk clubs. At this time, he already had two fifteen minute instrumental pieces in which he would "go through all sorts of moods", a precursor to his landmark 1970s compositions. In his early teens, Oldfield was involved in a 'beat group' playing Shadows style music (he has often cited Hank Marvin as a major influence, and would later cover the Shadows' song Wonderful Land). In 1967 he and his sister Sally formed the fo...

date of birth15 May 1953
place of birthReading, Berkshire
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source: Wikipedia