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Million Dead

"Million Dead" were a London-based hardcore punk band. They toured extensively in the UK during their existence, and made brief inroads into the USA and mainland Europe

Million Dead came together in London in mid-2001. Cameron Dean (guitar) and Julia Ruzicka (bass) had both come to England from Australia with forming a band in mind. They met and started writing, before roping in Ben Dawson (drums), who had been Cameron's underling in a record store. Ben then called up his old friend Frank Turner who'd been the singer in various bands with him since age 11. The name was chosen from a line in a song by Swedish Punk band Refused, and in September of that year they recorded their first demo and began gigging around the UK.

Over the next year support slots were begged and stolen with Cave In, The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster, The Icarus Line and Alec Empire. In late 2002 they came into contact with Integrity Records, and by signing up with them and Xtramile Recordings, they put out their first single, ''Smiling At Strangers On Trains'' in February 2003 (for which the video was rarely shown uncut due to scenes of a man wearing a gimp mask urinating through a letterbox a...

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