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The "Minutemen" were a punk rock band from San Pedro, California comprising singer/guitarist D. Boon, singer/bassist Mike Watt and drummer George Hurley.

They recorded in the late 1970s and early 1980s, never finding (or even seeking) much mainstream success, but influencing many subsequent musicians. The group ended when Boon died in a touring van accident in Arizona around Christmas 1985.

They were influenced heavily by bands such as Wire, The Pop Group, and The Urinals, and nearly all of their early songs had unusual structures and were less than a minute long — even later when the Minutemen's music became slightly more conventional, their songs rarely passed the three-minute mark. Though somewhat influenced by the speed, brevity and intensity of hardcore punk, the Minutemen are generally not classified in the genre.

Boon and Watt split songwriting fairly evenly (and Hurley made many contributions as well), though Watt rarely sang, and Hurley even less so. Boon's songs were typically more direct and progressively political in nature, while Watt's were often abstract, self-referential "spiels". Lyrics and themes would thus often veer from surreal humor,...

Background group or band
Origin San Pedro, California, USA
Genre Punk rock
Years active 1980–1985
Associated acts FIREHOSE
Current members D. Boon
Mike Watt
George Hurley
Past members Frank Tonche
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source: Wikipedia