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"Mirah Yom Tov Zeitlyn" (Born September 17, 1974, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), is an American musician. She has released a number of albums under the K Records label. She is close friends with and has collaborated with Phil Elvrum of The Microphones. She has worked extensively with The Black Cat Orchestra.

Mirah is the youngest of three children and lived in Bala Cynwyd, a suburb of Philadelphia, for most of her childhood. She then moved to Olympia, Washington and attended The Evergreen State College. Mirah is Jewish and her middle name means "good day" or "holy day" in Hebrew.

Mirah visited South America, specifically Argentina, and was so struck by the music and culture that several songs on C'mon Miracle reflect this experience.

Traditionally a solo performer, Mirah struck out in late 2004 on a Southwestern US tour for the first time enlisting a band. The band comprised of Nora Danielson (who is featured on recordings by the Mountain Goats, The Intima,Tara Jane O'Neil, Liarbird, & Young People), Dan Sasaki (Enemymine, Sedan, The Old Haunts), Themba Lewis (Liarbird, The Intima, Tara Jane O'Neil, Jackie-O Motherfucker...

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