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"The Misfits" were a horror/hardcore punk band formed in Lodi, New Jersey on 1977 and led by singer and songwriter "Glenn Danzig" (born Glenn Anzalone). The Misfits were the progenitors and creators of the horror punk subgenre of punk rock music, and were highly influential on the genres of heavy metal, punk rock and rock music in general. Though they ceased recording and performing in 1983, a "resurrected" version of the band, without its founder and creative leader Danzig, began operations in 1995 (see below).

Glenn Danzig was very interested in Marilyn Monroe and the rumors surrounding her death, and took the band's name from ''The Misfits'', Monroe's last film. The band's early lyrical and graphical focus was on retro (1930s-'50s) science fiction, horror films, and B-movies.

The early Misfits were often quite melodic, featuring Danzig's versatile singing, which had a style rooted in Italian tenors such as Mario Lanza and in 1950s doo wop. Early Misfits songs tended to have catchy, sing-along choruses, initially backed by Danzig's distorted keyboard accompaniments (circa 1977), and later by willfully crude guitar-rock. The band began as a largely untrained ensemble. T...

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